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Walters Sells Equipment to Dominican Republic Utility

Walters Sells Equipment to Dominican Republic Utility

For Immediate Release

OKLAHOMA CITY (June 15, 2005) -- The summer heat and impending power shortage for the Punta Cana resort area in the Dominican Republic has resulted in a sale of mobile power equipment by an Oklahoma City firm to a local utility in Santo Domingo. Walters Power International recently concluded the sale of four power generation modules, or power modules, each the size of a semi-trailer, to Consorcio Energetico Punta Cana-Macao, S.A. (CEPM), a Dominican Republic utility.

“I am delighted that we were able to respond so quickly to this immediate need using our Houston inventory of power generation equipment. A great deal of business would have been lost if 26,000 hotel rooms and 4,000 other customers that are served by the CEPM went dark,” said David Walters, President of Walters Power and former Oklahoma governor.

Walters Power acquired twenty-two new power modules in March of this year, and each unit contains a single German-built Deutz 620 model engine, generating between 1.2MW and 2MW, and fueled by natural gas or diesel.

Although the price of the sale was not disclosed, each sold power module is marketed on the Walters corporate website for $260,000.

The last units shipped out yesterday, within a week of the closing of the transaction.

Oklahoma City-based Walters Power International operates an international trading operation in electrical generation equipment.

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