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Walters Inaugurates Dominican Power Plant

Walters Inaugurates Dominican Power Plant

For Immediate Release

OKLAHOMA CITY (May 4, 1998) -- Less than two months after the signing of a contract for the installation of a 60 Megawatt power plant in the Dominican Republic, former Okla. Gov. David Walters, President of Walters Power International, joined the President of the Dominican Republic in celebrating the connection of the first 30 Megawatt phase of this power plant.

In a Sunday morning ceremony before hundreds of cheering Dominican citizens and dozens of Dominican media representatives, officials thanked Walters for his help in addressing a severe electrical deficit problem that has plagued this Caribbean island nation. Walters told the audience that the delivery of the PowerBarge I project and its interconnection with the national grid had certainly set a record for speed of delivery of such a large power plant.

The inauguration ceremony was set on a beautiful harbor where the PowerBarge I will be temporarily moored pending the construction of a permanent dock facility.

“When I visited the site on Saturday there must have been 300 workers stringing electrical lines, driving pilings, installing substations and preparing the PowerBarge for operation. I would have never guessed that it would be ready by Sunday morning, but it was.” Walters said. “President Leonel Fernadez Rena was pleased and interested in the delivery of a second 30 Megawatt power barge that we have contracted to supply. He then let me know that he knew Oklahoma as the birth place of Mickey Mantle.”

Walters Power International announced on March 23, 1998, the signing of a $50 million three-year contract to provide electricity to the Dominican Republic. Walters Power International is based in Oklahoma City and affiliated with companies in New York and Houston. Walters has been active in 20 countries in the last three years.

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