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Innovation in Power Equipment Presentation Announced

Innovation in Power Equipment Presentation Announced

For Immediate Release

OKLAHOMA CITY (Jan. 29, 1999) -- Walters Power International, an independent power production company based in Oklahoma City, announces the first ever use of “video streaming” technology over the Internet for its sales presentation of power generation equipment. The company recently purchased two 57 MW.combined cycle power plants and needed an efficient means of showing these plants to prospective buyers and discussing the terms of sale. This Internet medium allows for full motion audio and video.

This video will be available for viewing beginning at noon, Central Standard Time, on February 2, by logging onto Walters Power Web site at or the Business Channel at The video will remain on these web sites for several weeks.

“Our Company and our industry is becoming increasingly dependent on computer technology, particularly the Internet. The international nature of our work makes e-mail the dominant communication vehicle. We now have the ability to expand our communication capacity through this Internet video,” said Walters Power President David Walters.

Walters Power recently negotiated a Power Purchase Agreement in the Dominican Republic. One 30 MW power barge has been commissioned and another 50 MW power barge is currently under construction to satisfy this project. Additional projects currently under negotiation by the Company are located in India, Ecuador, South America and Africa.

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