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Emission Reduction Catalyst

Walters Power International has teamed up with Clean Emissions Products and now offers the most powerful emission reduction and cost effective catalyst to solve all of your government emission reduction requirements.   These catalysts have been successfully installed in North America, Asia, Australia, Africa, China, Eastern Europe and South America.  The catalysts are typically installed on motors and engines involved with mining, construction, power generation, small engine, utility/service vehicles, material handling, marine, and on-road trucks and buses.

 Our catalyst offer these industry leading benefits:

  • All catalysts are manufactured from premium grade 304 stainless steel to prevent corrosion and increase durability and lifespan
  • Virtually no backpressure (<3 inches wc) system pressure loss
  • All catalysts are designed for quick installation with minimal downtime to engine schedule
  • Are lightweight and can be installed without the need for heavy crane or other lifting machinery
  • Typical lifespan is greater than 3 times other competitors running in base load operations or greater than 10 times other competitors running in standby operation
  • Are available in Inline, Flanged, QuickCat and Muffler configurations


Download details of the catalysts here:

Catalyst Presentation

Catalyst Loading vs Competition

Clean Emissions vs Competition

Oxidation / Particulate Catalyst Summary

NSCR 3-Way Catalyst Summary

CRT Catalyst Summary