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Affiliated Companies

Walters Power UK

Walters Power entered the UK market in 2009 with an 8MW plant in Yorkshire. The plant is the first of an expected series of small power plants in the United Kingdom to be developed by Walters Power UK. As the UK transitions from high-carbon (primarily coal) generation plants, Walters Power UK plans to develop a number of power plants to address anticipated peak power shortages. "We've traded in UK-based equipment for years and own a significant inventory based in the UK, so we're able to respond quickly to local energy needs," said Walters Power UK President David Walters.

WPI California

WPI California currently has an Operations and Maintenance contract for a municipal utility in Victorville, Calif. The green-and-white painted Victorville plant burns B100 biofuel and features a patent-pending emissions process by PMSI's Attainment Technologies. The Victorville plant is the only containerized power plant that meets California's strict emissions standards.

Pakistan Power Resources (PPR)

In 2006, WPI formed an Oklahoma-based, limited-liability company for the purpose of developing power projects in Pakistan. WPI owns 35 percent of PPR, with the remaining 65 percent owned by a Pakistan-based partner, Associated Group.  One $80M project has been completed and two more projects totaling more than $200M are under development.

Attainment Technologies

Attainment Technologies is a privately held air emissions technology company with more than 25 years experience optimizing industrial reciprocating engines and helping clients reduce emissions profiles in the most cost-effective manner. Attainment Technologies’ patented Greenguard™ combustion-and-emission technology is based on a ‘virtual lean-burn’ combustion process that combines the low-cost catalytic converter advantages of rich-burn engines with the fuel efficiency of lean-burn engines.